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So finally I got the courage to start my blog. I’ve been procrastinating too long. Scared and nervous of the unknown. Well there’s no turning back now, and I don’t plan to. I wanted to begin blogging as a way to share my past and present experiences—the before and after motherhood life! Here you will get to know me as well as some of the people in my life. I don’t want this to be some boring place that takes you no where. I hope my writings allow the readers to be able to picture the imagery of my stories as well as feel the passion of my heart. So kick back, relax, and enjoy (don’t forget to laugh!)

National Play Date 2017

MOMLIFE_20170601_181156Welcome back to my blog.  If it’s your first visit welcome and don’t hesitate to check out my previous post!

Today was amazing! I am honored to have co-hosted a playdate for our local moms. Myself along with my mommy friend Kailey, who I met through the mom.life app hosted one successful event!

In honor of  National Children’s day, The mom.life app threw one big playdate around the world. This particular one took Place in Cerritos California. The event began at 11:00 am & moms began to show up one after another.

In honor of  National Children’s day, The mom.life app hosted one big playdate around the world. This particular one took Place in Cerritos California. The event began at 11:00 am & moms began to show up one after another.

There were 10 moms and 12 children in attendance. We began the playdate with an icebreaker game. Everyone rolled a colorful die that had questions on each side. According to how the die landed, we answered questions and quickly got to know a little bit about each guest.

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We played games such as mommy and baby freeze dance. We ate delicious pizza, grilled hot dogs, indulged in scrumptious cupcakes and snacks galore.

The day was filled with food, fun, and laughter. All the children had a great time playing and interacting with one another and also left with party favors and prizes.

Moms who won a game received a special gift bag and it were items that each had its own meaning. No one left empty handed or dissatisfied. In fact were already scheduling our next Potluck style play date in August!

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to The mom.life app administrators for their contribution of gift cards that helped us purchase supplies and gifting us our cute mom life onesies!

There are more play dates happening in different cities and states, find one near you in the mom.life app today!

Want to join the app?  ↓↓↓Click the link below↓↓↓


A Community : Mom.Life app

Welcome to my blog page. Yes, I know I don’t post often, but blogging isn’t as easy as people think.

This post is about an app that I discovered last year and have been in love with ever since.  Also to give some information to other moms in search of a mommy community.

I decided to join the mom.life app when I saw an ad while scrolling on Instagram. I decided to check it out not knowing exactly what to expect and even thinking I would delete the app shortly after. I joined another social media community while I was pregnant with my son Deuce but stopped using it because  I didn’t find it helpful and it was full of drama mommas.

I opted to try the app out for as long as it kept my attention and boy did it keep my attention. When explaining what the app is to other moms I often compare it to Facebook, but for moms. The app allows you to post pictures, interact with other moms locally & around the world, chat group forums and, many other helpful tools for new and experienced mothers.

I didn’t think I would enjoy the app as much as  I do, but  I actually use it more than Facebook now! I’ve connected with some pretty awesome women. Some who I have met and others who I may never meet in person. These women have been a huge help to me as I was recovering from my first pregnancy, through my bout with depression, and now with my second pregnancy.

The mom.life app “a place for modern moms”, is an app for everyday mothers and expecting women even those who are trying to conceive. In this app, you’ll be bombarded with women who want to share their stories, experiences, encouragement, trials, & triumphs.

I am grateful to the creators and administrators of the mom.life app! I encourage those who haven’t checked out the app to do so ASAP! You won’t regret it and will be ranting and raving about it to moms you know and meet.

Want to join? Click the link below!


Pregnancy and Umbilical Hernias: Belly Band Review

What is an Umbilical hernia?


You may be wondering if you’ve never heard of it before. It is a condition in which the intestine protrudes through the abdominal muscles at the belly button.

How do you get an Umbilical Hernia? According to Healthline, there are six causes:

  1. Being overweight
  2. frequent pregnancies
  3. multiple gestation pregnancies(having twins, triplets,etc.)
  4. fluid in the abdominal cavity
  5. stomach surgery
  6. having a persistent, heavy cough

If you would like to find out more about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention visit http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-complications/hernia-during-pregnancy/

So now that we got the educational part out of the way, let’s dive into how an umbilical hernia has affected my life & how the belly band has helped.

I found out about my hernia at an early prenatal visit.  I told my OBGYN that  I had a nagging pain that would hurt for a short time and then go away. At the time of the visit  I was fine so I couldn’t really explain the feeling.

My doctor had me lay back on the bed and began pressing and feeling my belly. After listening to the symptoms  I describe she informed me that it sounded like I had an umbilical hernia.

She added that as my pregnancy progress the pain and discomfort may get worse and we will have to discuss that at a later time.

So fast forward to about 12 weeks into my pregnancy……the pain became more constant at unpredictable times. I began noticing that it would begin to hurt after I picked up my son, or bend over excessively, even talking walks around the block would cause the bump to pop out and excruciating pain to persist.

At my next appointment,  I explained this to my doctor and she suggested that  I pick up my son less and take it easy.

Yea Right! That’s easier said than done. I’m a SAHM and my son was barely 4 months and demanded all of my attention.

She also suggested that  I get a support belt that helps specifically for hernias during pregnancy.

I would like to say I went out right away and bought one, but I didn’t. I actually had intentions of doing so but never actually set aside time to do it. So weeks went by and  I continued to endure the pain inflicted by in reality myself. I tried picking up my son less and not doing too much standing, even tried taking it easy by doing less housework with the help of my husband.

As my baby bump became bigger my hernia also became more painful. So painful to the point that  I would have to lay down for 30 minutes to an hour. Car rides became uncomfortable and a challenging task. But as a mother and wife life must go on right?

Enough was enough! One Thursday morning I made up my mind that today I will go out and purchase a belly band. Off to Babies R Us with Deuce in tote. I searched the isle and had no clue where to find it.

Stopped an associate and she directed me to the section of belly bands. As I read over the descriptions of the different types of bands I did not see one that was for specifically for hernias. Not wanting to buy the wrong one  I walked out of the store empty-handed.

Once home, I searched the web for a belly band that would help me manage my umbilical hernia. I found a site called https://babybellyband.com/product/maternity-support-belt-baby-belly-band-original/


I ordered the band and it was delivered one week later.

Did it work? Was it a waste of money? How is the pain?

The band worked! I wore it for a total of 4 days and counting off and on. Mostly in the morning times which are usually when  I’m more active with my son. Also when  I washed clothes or cooked dinner.

It was well worth the $47.00.

I noticed that after the many different tasks my hernia did not pop out and  I wasn’t in pain.

There was a morning I forgot to wear my band because  I left it in the car.  I woke up early to cook breakfast before church and toward the end the pain was at a high 8.  I couldn’t eat my food. Couldn’t dress my son. Couldn’t even dress me.

I laid down hoping that would help but it didn’t. I spent 10 minutes rubbing my stomach trying to pop it back in. Finally,  I was able to and that feeling was painful but what a relief.

I immediately put on the band right after. You can’t wear the band to help with a hernia if it’s protruding out.

So do I recommend the band for other women? Yes. It also helps with taking the strain off your back if your stomach is extra big and heavy.

I will try to remember to always wear my Pregnancy belt when needed.

I hope this blog post has helped and shed to insight on what a hernia is and how it affects women during pregnancy. Thanks for reading! Leave a comment or experience.

Is It all Hype? : Baltic Amber Review


If you’re a parent or know someone who is a parent you are more than likely very familiar with teething. Children usually begin teething around 6 months but could be earlier or later depending on the individual child.

My son began teething around 4 months. He would chew on any and everything, and had enough drool to fill a small cup if you tried.

Deuce’s first tooth began to arise when he was 5½ months.

To my surprise, my son was not fussy as most would expect from an infant starting to grow their first tooth. He continued to be his playful, joyful, busybody self. But occasionally I would see him cringe and grab at his mouth as if he was in pain. He would also use any fabric to soothe the itchiness of his gums.

So I set out to find something better than all the teethers I had laying around that he had little to no interest in using.

While browsing on facebook I came across a page that sold necklaces made especially for teething. The name of the necklace is “Baltic Amber Teething Necklace” This was nothing like the necklace my husband bought me, that  I had to wear and Deuce could chew on it for soothing.

This necklace was not meant to go in the mouth, and it could be worn by the child. I’m a skeptical optimist so I did some browsing through the comments section to see what other people like myself had to say about the product.  I saw nothing but good reviews and feedback.

Being desperate for something to help my son with his pain and discomfort I was willing to purchase it just to see if it actually did work.

The vendor had a sale going on at the time that reduced the price from $30 to just $19; I couldn’t beat that! So I clicked purchase right away.

I received the necklace in just 3 business days.

The necklace comes in a small little bag with a card of authenticity inside from the vendor.{Pictured Below}

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Deuce has worn his necklace for an entire week!

It’s supposed to begin working in 30 minutes and also has a guarantee to work or your money back.

So does it work or not?

My answer is yes with a but. I can honestly say I did see a  significant change in Deuce’s behavior. He no longer had that spontaneous cringe and he stopped using covers and cloths to soothe the itch of his gums.

This is where the BUT comes in.

But he continues to drool although not as much as before and he loves to chew on his toys & fingers. Does this mean that the Baltic Amber Necklace isn’t working? NO. I believe it is helping him because just the other day I noticed a second tooth growing in and Deuce didn’t seem bothered by it.

I have looked online to find out if stops drooling and read it does. Depending on the color variation of the necklace determines it’s strength. My son’s necklace is on the darker side and  I have read the lighter the necklace the more effective it is.

Would I recommend this product to others?

Yes. I would recommend this product to any new mother/father or even a veteran parent. It has great benefits such as;

  1. Parents no longer have to worry about sanitizing teethers. Easy to clean no boiling water necessary.
  2. No more looking and searching for the last place you had the teether.
  3. Your child doesn’t even know its there because it’s short and worn under their shirts.
  4. It has a screw-on clasp that prevents the child from taking it off easily.
  5. The beads have a knot between each of them that prevents scattering in case it breaks: and makes for an easy repair.
  6. Helps inflammation, fever, common colds, and immune boosting.

Last but not least it takes away the pain and discomfort caused by teething and makes life just a little bit easier for us parents.

Buyer beware there are fakes that are being sold and they look just like the real thing if you don’t know what to look for. I caution you to do your own research and find a buyer that you trust to do business with. 

↓↓ Click To Visit Site ↓↓

I hope this review helps my fellow moms and dads who are trying to get through the teething stage like myself. If you have used or know someone who has used a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace leave a comment of how you liked/disliked it down below.

↓↓ Meet Deuce ↓↓

The Not So Wonderful News: Gender Disappointment

Gender disappointment is one of the many apparently ‘controversial’ parenting topics, which is often treated similarly to Post Natal Depression. It’s rarely talked about, is discussed in a ‘cone of silence’ (if at all) and those who have feelings of gender disappointment are usually desperate to find people whom they can trust, to talk about the strong, real emotions they experience. – See more at: https://www.bellybelly.com.au/pregnancy/gender-disappointment/

Finding out you’re pregnant can be great news or not so great, depending on your circumstances. For me, it was a shock at first but slowly I came to accept the fact that I was having another baby.

Yes!, another one. Just 3 months into motherhood and here I am beginning the process all over again. By my surprise, my husband took the news a lot better than I expected and was happy much sooner than myself to welcoming our second child.

Once I came to grips with becoming a new member of the mom’s of Irish-twins club (Either of a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart, especially if born within the same calendar year or school year or born one year apart.)(Wiktionary) all I could think was “Please let this be my girl”. During my pregnancy with Deuce, I was all too convinced that HE was actually a SHE and no one could tell me any different.

Well, no one but the ultrasound technician at my 20-week appointment. I was crushed when the words “It’s a boy!” gleefully rolled off her tongue.

So it’s no surprise that I would want my second child to be a girl. Again, I made sure to tell anyone who knew about my pregnancy that THIS ONE IS A GIRL!

My anxiousness got the best of me. I just couldn’t wait any longer to find out the gender. 5 weeks just seemed way too long and I had to know for sure that it was a girl.

As soon as I turned 16 weeks I made an appointment at a 3rd party 3D Ultrasound Company. My appointment was scheduled for March 29 @ 5:30 pm. All that morning and afternoon I felt nervous at the thought of finding out the gender.

It was 4 pm while I was on the way to pick up my husband from work when I received a phone call requesting me to come in thirty minutes early. I was more than happy to and that just made the nervousness multiply.

I was nervous because I had this feeling that the tech. would say those same dreadful words I heard last year… “It a boy!”. I shook the thought and affirmed to myself that it was indeed a girl, it just had to be.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the lady I spoke with over the phone. I signed some papers and paid the $45 service fee. Once finished my husband, Deuce and I was escorted into the room where the Ultrasound would be done.

I laid back on the bed and squealed in excitement and nervousness. It took all of 2 seconds for her to confirm the gender. There HE was with his legs wide open showing off his little peter weeter. As if to say, aha mommy look I’m a boy!”

The tech gleefully stated “It’s a boy” I softly screamed Noooooo, which confused the tech., I then let her know I was really hoping for a girl. That prompted her to check again, and clear as day you could see the family jewels shining brightly.

Tears began to roll down my face in disappointment. I couldn’t believe I was actually crying.

Although  I told my husband I would if I found out it was a boy. I didn’t think I really would!

Gender disappointment is rarely discussed because of the shame mothers feel. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I searched online and found other women like myself who had hoped for a specific gender to only get the opposite.

Yes, I was truly sad, but as I continued to watch the screen and saw my son in 3D I began to smile. I could see his face in detail and it reminded me of Deuce. I heard his little heartbeat that sounded strong and healthy. I saw his spine and his legs as he was moving in annoyance from all the probing. I let out a laugh and breath of endearment.

Although I really really really want a girl I love my Son; both my sons. I am happy that God chose me to be their parents. I will definitely have my hands full but I’m up for the challenge.

Baby boy is expected to make his debut September 11, 2017, and I can’t wait to meet him!

baby # 2 posing
It’s A Boy!!!!!!!!

Scared or What?

Have you ever gave yourself that pep talk? The one when you want to take a leap and just do something? You’re all hyped and ready to go then….bam! Fear jumps right in front of you and stops you. Well yea you’re not alone we’ve all been there at some point in our lives and while some plow right through there are others like myself who allows that big bad wolf stop them dead in their tracks.

I was ready to get started  with this blog. I set up my page , even wrote my first entry .  It wasn’t long , actually the next day that I allowed fear to take my spunk away. I haven’t wrote or done anything that told myself I would do. Such as starting my own Vlog or making flyers for a new mommy and me group I would like to begin. As some would say, ” It’s not how you start but how you finish !”  That is so true  because you can begin with a fire blazing then end with ashes from letting that fire burnt out.

Well today I decide to relight my flame. I will not  continue to allow fear to stop me from pursuing my dreams. I mean  Have a lot of them one has to come true, right? I’ve always enjoyed letting my thoughts out on paper ( or screen ). I t was a way to get away from the world and just stand still  for just a moment. Writing is therapeutic for some and hobby  to pass time for others. To me it is both,  I use it to soothe my anxiousness and also because I just really enjoy reading what I wrote afterwards.

I hope if you have read this far you will continue to return for more of my post. It will not only be my pleasure to share my little world with others but it will also be a motivation to keep going. Fear will not prevail and I will  NOT fail. If I do nothing but try I have already succeeded !